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2014 Olympics

posted Feb 7, 2014, 9:05 AM by Marsha Shilling

So you want to watch the Olympics, but not on your TV?  
Good news for cord cutters and sports fans alike

If you have cable, or know someone that has cable, you can plug a username and password into the NBC website and watch all the streaming events. For those that don’t have any friends or family who love them enough to share their cable account information, the site is offering four free hours of viewing, but there is a catch. The hours must be consecutive, so it would be wise to wait until there is a block of events you really want to see on a given day. Otherwise you could be stuck with three hours of curling. Maybe save that pass for a time when there is something you really want to see.

NBC-Sports-LiveExtra-2NBC Sports LiveExtra

If you have access to NBC, you also have access to their second site, LiveExtra. This page offers a constant stream of the games, so you can turn it on and watch a stream of continuous greatness. It’s what it would be like to be there, but warmer and less Russian. You can also get this as an app for iOS or Android on a tablet or phone, so you can have the American spirit wherever you go.