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Officers and Administrative Documents

The Officers currently serving are as follows:

President: Tangeline Sechrist

Vice President: Mike Grego

Secretary: Maddy Thompson

Treasurer: Michele Lewis

The Friends of the Mifflin County Library operates in accordance with its bylaws and other administrative documents. The actual administrative documents can be found at the end of this outline of the key elements contained in the bylaws:

Governing Body: 

  • The Board of Directors.

Board of Directors:  

  • The Officers and the Chairs of the Regular Committees
  • Meets the 4th Monday at 5:30pm at the Mifflin County Library


  • President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Elected by general membership for a 2 year term

Regular Committees:

  • Membership, Publicity, Fundraising/Special Events, Library Advocacy
  • Each committee is lead by a Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson and meets as needed
  • More information on the committees can be found below under Administrative Documents
  • Active and enthusiastic committees are the absolute key to the success of the Friends

General Membership:

  • Open to all individuals, clubs, organizations, and businesses
  • Members pay annual dues as recommended by the Board and approved at general membership (note: annual dues pay the operating costs of the Friends such as insurance and PCBL affiliate dues)
  • Annual general member meeting is held in November for election of Officers, receiving reports, and enacting any other business

Other Important Items:

  • Treasurer is bonded and prepares monthly financial reports for the Board
  • Annual budget is prepared and adopted by the Board
  • Checks required to be signed by two officers
  • Accounting records are reviewed annually by two members

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