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Congratulations to Emme Todd, 13, from Mifflin County Christian Academy!!! She was the winner of the iPod touch for the teen Summer Reading program. She read the required 35 books that were needed to enter and was the lucky one pulled out of the numerous entries. Way to go Emme!! Enjoy your new iPod...why not download some books on it from our e-book database and keep reading!

We would also like to recognize Joshua Peachey, age 8 from the Valley View Christian School. We had asked for a guess on how many handprints it took to make up the rainbow at the Lewistown branch and he was the closest guess at 962...the actual number of handprints used was 969. Lets give him a hand for that awesome guess!!

To register or sign up for any programs, please call the library at 242-2391 or email Miss Susan.

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The Discovery Space Children's Science Museum has made a pass available for free to families wishing to visit the museum. For more information visit the museum online at or ask a library staff member.

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